Ladislav Kossar
Ladislav Kossar

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, innovator, impact investor, artist
for social good and banker for vulnerable children.


“I believe in unity and equal opportunity for all. I believe that creating, preserving and giving back can be combined.”

In 2006, he and his sister started a youth mentoring program „BUDDY“ that helps to integrate abandoned children into society. Today, there are over 80 children with a caring volunteer who stands by them on their journey to independence. His dream is to bring “buddying” to every country in the world so that every child has at least one person they can rely on entirely. 

Ladislav believes that entrepreneurial creativity combined with empathy can open up opportunities for the less and the least privileged. His unique art form is to blend philanthropy with the best principles of business and science. In 2014, he started a hybrid venture philanthropy fund in Silicon Valley. The patient marketing venture grants are structured to strengthen the cash flows of the best non-profits for vulnerable children. He believes that working with the leaders coming from the non-profit environment and blending the value based private equity investment methodology with patient philanthropic capital can help create strong, sustainable organizations, and help as many children most efficiently. 

Ladislav completed his law degree at the Comenius University in Bratislava. He studied intellectual property law and capital markets at Utrecht and Harvard University. After four years working for Deutsche Bank as an asset manager and an investment banker, he became an entrepreneur in real estate finance. Throughout the following ten years, he co-founded and invested as an angel investor in companies in numerous sectors, ranging from interior design to technology and agriculture. After selling his ventures, he today leads PROVIDA, a family foundation that manages the philanthropy of private wealth customers to empower youth, create public arts and support social entrepreneurs. Ladislav is on the advisory board of Nexus Global, a youth platform that unites next gen philanthropists with social entrepreneurs and impact investors. He speaks eight languages, lives in Slovakia and loves to play streetball.