“I believe in unity and equal opportunity for all. I believe that creating, preserving and giving back can be combined.”

Ladislav Kossár manages the wealth of the family in Kossár family office. Its aim is to keep balance between wealth creation, asset preservation and social impact. The family builds on values of ethics and resilience and continues a 150 year tradition of entrepreneurship and investments in agriculture and real estate.

In his philanthropic activities he is passionate mostly about creating opportunities for abandoned children. For this reason, in 2006 Ladislav and his sister Lucia founded PROVIDA , a private foundation and civic association. Today PROVIDA realizes and supports project to help marginalized children, develop social enterprises and evolve community art projects.

PROVIDA is an incubator of ideas, an investor in social enterprises and trustee of the foundation. We implement our own projects but we also help to implement the projects of other non-profit organizations whose values and visions are close to ours.